“What is really required to make democracy function is not knowledge of facts,
but right education" 


…………………Mahatma Gandhi


                It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the 2018-19 session. So I am elated to serve all of you the wishing year.

                         Looking back at our previous year we have to celebrate and be thankful for! Our staff, students and parents helped us  at each level. Our staff continuously engaged in the upliftment of our institution and assists the students wheneverthey need. As, I believe education is not simply teacher teaching and students learning, it is beyond the classical chalkand talk method. It has evolved into a giant wheel that has many spoken of personality’s development, timemanagement discipline and even combat with the competitive environment etc.

        It is very heartfelt wishes to all the who regularly working for the betterment of an institution







Dharam Prakash Agarwal

 General Secretary