“Education has always been a tool to achieve objectives of social, economic and political development.”


         Higher Education provides competent leadership by supplying well-developed human resources such as scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers, managers, administrators and so on. It is this human resource that finally takes the responsibility of operating the development system of a Nation. Today, we are living in the knowledge era, which is being operated by technology through the internet and college education.

         Now when we celebrating 75 years of independence and simultaneously 75 years of education in independent India, we see a considerable expansion of higher education in our country. It is a matter of pride that Maharaja Agrasen Mahavidyalaya provides quality education to the society and students of the college, result and toppers in different fields of education, ready to become good citizens of the country and serve the society at large.



Dr. D. K. Gupta

Director General